Not the fitness stereotype?



Join us in our online studio or irl for gag worthy, easy to follow dance and fitness classes, suitable for everyone no matter your level or fitness, body type, gender or background. Our classes are designed to unleash your inner diva and give you a boost of fierceness so that you can go out and live your life fierce and unapologetic.

As the world opens up again we can finally start to plan for our next Fab Camp Miami – the event of the year where our community get together for one week of fitness, fun and hedonism on the iconic Miami Beach. You can also look forward to new Fab In The City Weekends coming up in London, Paris and New York.

As our community grows we need more fierce Fab Lab Instructors to bring our classes and your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to a dance floor in your end of the world. Get certified with us!

First 50 to sign up gets free access to all our online live Zoom classes in both Swedish and English.
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Finally it’s time for our first post covid global get togethers. Join us in London 24-27 March or in Miami Beach for a full week of decadence during the summer.
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We truly believe that moving our fabulous bodies to great music is the best high there is and that dancing can make the world a better place. We are all about unleashing our inner divas while serving 100% body positivity.

At FAB LAB we know that there are no reason for workouts to be frustrating, painful or boring. Neither should it ever be so really damn hard to drag your ass to class, that you rather stay home in your sofa with your two best homies; Netflix and Chill. We know that working out can be just as fun and addictive as it is beneficial and life changing.

Challenge your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent with epic workout experiences curated to challenge body and mind, bring harmony to your soul and give a fierce focus to your day. All as it showers you with happiness, sweat and love.

Rhythm infused classes that gives you a fierce full body workout adding a touch of easy to follow movement where anybody can join in on the fun. No need for dance experience. Classes are ranging from 80's Retro Aerobics a'la Jane Fonda to our Ballerina Bootcamp, a FAB-ified Barre class, that lets you shape, tone, sculpt and chisel it like a Prima Ballerina.

Including classes like:
The DIVA Workout, Ballerina Bootcamp, 80/90’s Retro-Robic and more.

Grab your leg warmers, dim the lights and turn up the music. Join our virtual studio from your living room or find us irl: this is the dance experience you have been waiting for. A range of dance inspired classes with easy to follow instruction in a variety of different styles. An empowering experience that leaves you craving more.

Including classes like:
Broadway Fitness, Burlesque Fitness, Zumba® Fitness and more.

Got two left feet or just wanna focus on feeling the muscles burn without a single dance move? This is strengthening classes without any step combinations or dance movement, yet still great for your cardio and with a fierce soundtrack. Body workouts that makes you feel stronger and healthier for a glow on the go leaving you totally wanting more!

Including classes like:
Fab Booty, Fab Mama, Fab Fit Express and more.

Stop, breathe and grow! Stretch out stress and unlock the long-lasting health benefits of ancient movement combined with a modern take on holistic traditions in our range of transformative classes. Experience yoga, mindfulness and breath work as you get the tools you need to live a conscious life both on and off the mat. These classes makes you you glow from the inside out.

Including classes like:
Yoga, Pilates and more.

FAB LAB FITNESS is so much more than our addictive workout classes! We are a tribe where body positivity, inclusion and caring about our peers mental and physical health is at the core of why we exist. Way more important than crunches, push up’s and pirouettes.

All our classes and events are for everyone, no matter your level or fitness, body type, gender or background.
Or as one of our house gurus, the mighty RuPaul Charles, would put it: “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag”

GET CERTIFIED As our community grows we need more fierce Fab Lab Instructors to bring our sickening classes and your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to a dance floor in your end of the world.
Get certified with us and you will be able to teach all (or a few) of our fabulous classes both live and online. 

We are also looking for instructors to be a part of our Master Trainer Team. If you would like to present your classes as part of our official weekly schedule and don’t mind to get paid to teach at our events all over the world, we would like to hear from you! Sign up for certification and send us an email with a video of you teaching and we will be in touch.

BE OUR FAB AMBASSADOR We are looking for fierce human beings that shares our values of diversity, equality and body positivity as well as believing in the impact of music, movement and community. Help us spread the love for all things dance and body positivity and we will reward you with classes, surprises and free tickets to our FAB CAMPS and CITY WEEKENDS in Miami and all over the world. Send us an email and tell us about yourself and you can be an official ambassador within 48 hours.

We have created events where our members meet and share their love for dance, fitness, fun and party during an epic week(end) creating memories for a life time. MIAMI BEACH FAB CAMP In 2022 we will offer not only one, but two full weeks of fierceness in Miami Beach. Get ready for the time of your life. WEEKENDS IN LONDON, PARIS & NYC Our fierce weekends in Paris,  NYC and London are spread out through the year so there is always something to look forward to as the world opens up again after the reign of Miss Rona. RETREAT YOUR SELF IN THE SWEDISH WOODS If you need to recharge your batteries, this is for you. Just one hour by train from Copenhagen airport we have crossed the borders to Sweden to find a sanctuary of peace and beauty surrounded by nature and breath taking architecture.


Challenge your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent as we unleash our inner divas, merging catwalk attitude, fierce voguing poses and sickening aerobic training while serving 100% body positivity, ending up slaying it in an inclusive choreography extravaganza. Dresscode: High heels are optional, attitude is mandatory!



The class is in inspired by ballet training with a few additions from pilates and functional muscle training, giving you a workout focused on legs, glutes, core muscles as well as a few muscles you probably never knew you had. All without negative impact of the joints.



Grab your leg warmers and prepare to feel the burn with all the original aerobic moves such as heal kicks, step touch’s and hip rolls. This high energy class takes us back to basics, mixing aerobics, Jane Fonda and old school jazzersice. All set to a soundtrack inspired by 80/90’s super hits and movies like Fame and Flashdance.



Basic yet powerful, hence the short time needed! This class will strengthen the whole body using only your own body weight. Think squats and hip thrusters mixed up with back strengthening and some fancy cardio on top of it all. As always with a booty shaking soundtrack triggering your inner d.i.v.a. to shine through at all times.

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